Thursday, December 8, 2011


DEC. 8, 2011

Ten years ago I married my best friend. Ten years
seems like a long time. Long enough to build a family,
a home, a life together. Long enough to understand that
you love this other person more, and in a way that you never knew yourself capable of.

Michael and I both were engaged before we met. I actually knew his fiance` and I remember gawking at how ridiculously happy they looked together. :) I was the rebound. The first and last non blond, brown eyed girl he ever dated.

Love is not being breathless, or excited. The butterflies or sweaty palms. The racing heart or being tongue tied. Love is what's left over when all of those things are gone. Not all of those things are gone completely but our love has changed over ten years and somehow become more real. I've never laughed or cried so hard or so much. I had never experienced the flood of emotions or the type of hard work that being in a marriage requires. I've never known this kind of love or happiness either.

He is the person that can get under my skin like no one else, but the person who is my biggest fan and the one I never want to be without...So here's to the ten year rebound! Here's to making the wrong decisions that make the right ones so easy to recognize. Happy Anniversary Babes!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my sweet Charly..aka CHARLES :) I didn't exactly know where we would be 12 years ago. I was a single mother and not too sure that I could really give Charly all that she needed. It's pretty amazing how we have been blessed.

Michael and I have been able to give her an eternal family. What a huge blessing. It's more than I had hoped for. Charly has been such a great blessing to me. She has taught me how to move on and not live in the past. She has made me smile everyday and laugh so hard it hurts. I'm so proud to be her mother.