Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years again!!

...and I stink because I took absolutely no photos of our Christmas or New Years eve festivities.  :(  Call it being scatter-brained, or just plain forgetful, my brain is mush and I'm not afraid to admit it!
The first semester is over and the next one starts on 1/7.  I finished up with a 4.0 (just barley), which was pretty difficult taking 5 classes and being so out of practice with the whole mom/wife/student at the same time----thing.  We enjoyed have 6 of our missionaries over for a late Christmas eve breakfast and to watch BRAVE.  We also enjoyed having Michael's cousin Kira (love that girl!) stay with us a while.  Most of all, I enjoyed spending time with my sweet family.  I don't tell my kids enough how awesome they really are.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful crew to learn from.  Let's talk New Years Resolutions..  hmmm, well I would have to say that #1 on the list is to tell each one of my kids and my husband how special they are, everyday..and have a different reason for appreciating them everyday.  #2. To teach them something new every day..even if it is only that their mother can be patient..and not yell at anyone for an entire day :) #3.  Finish up this next semester like a champ..a little nervous about taking 4 science classes but hey, I can do this!  #4 Continue to exercise regularly..this may sound dumb, but it really helps me to be a much nicer person, and to manage my stress most effectively. #5.  Super excited about doing more projects around my house.  I will probably just gather supplies for the first 5 months until the end of this next semester, and plan on doing the work over the summer.  We'll see, I might not be able to wait that long.  A girls got to dream!!  Lots of big ideas, some may be a little while in the making, but that's ok!
 Hoping everyone had a fantastic Holiday celebrating the birth of our Savior.