Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Physical...

Today Michael and I took Ian and Isaac for the yearly physicals. What an experience. This was Michael's first time going with me to do this. Every year I take the boys by themselves and it's such a crack up to watch.
First we get in the room and the nurse says "Who wants to wear a gown?" (the paper gowns) Isaac promptly states "I'm no woman." Ian follows with "I do, I do." Ian's sitting on the table wearing his little paper gown, which was really cute. Isaac's sitting there in his underwear waiting-then out of nowhere Isaac looks at Ian with his mischievous little grin and says "Ian that's a purdy dress." That's when it all went down hill. It was funny.
Every year I come back with a new story of the two of them and what they've done at the Dr.s office. Last year when they told them to go pee pee in the cup for their urine sample, Isaac spent a good 5 minutes trying to explain to the DR. that mommy says it's not okay to drink your pee pee...BOYS!!!!!!!

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Becca F. said...

I'm so glad you have this blog so we can keep up with fun little tidbits like this!!! Isaac is the funniest kid ever!! We miss you guys like crazy!