Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow, snow and MORE SNOW!

Sorry it's been a while. We have been experiencing some crazy weather lately. I usually complain about how Virginia doesn't really see it's fair share of snow...never again will I ever utter those words! This winter has been absolutely ridiculous with snow! I refuse to even watch the weather anymore. My children have been to school 1 day out of the past 13 days. AAAAAAHhhhhh! We really have been enjoying it though. Occasionally I threaten to make them stay in bed all day or make them clean house all day (which is heaven for me), but all in all it's been a fun couple of weeks. We've had prime sledding conditions at the Ford house and we've even managed to make a snowman or two. Michael was stuck in Fairfax all last weekend and I think I really only saw him a few hours on Wednesday. Other than that I didn't get to see him last week. So needless to say I was ready for him to come home when he did! I have found some paint in the garage and I'm thinking about painting the bathroom right by the front door. So, I have a project to keep me busy :) Hope everyone is well!

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Becca said...

Sooo fun! I'm so jealous! We got zilch, o.k. so we got a whoppin' two inches. :( Wish we were there sledding with you guys. Who ran into the tree Ian or Isaac? Got a good laugh from that one! Take care!