Saturday, March 10, 2012


Man, even though I'm trying to remember to post something on this blog, it's just so easy to forget. Sometimes I feel like I'm so ridiculously busy that I can't stop and look around for even a minute..but then when I do look around, I see more things that I need to do. It's like I'm busy all the time but not always very productive. AAHHH!
So, with that said, I'll get on with it.
I think I've decided to go back to school. I'm waiting on another set of transcripts but I do have most of the info. I need to get started. It's been a long decision making process for me. Michael says I just keep sitting on the fence unable to make up my mind. It's a huge life altering decision though. I'm pretty impulsive for the most part and I've noticed that this is totally unlike me..sitting here waiting for someone to make up my mind for me. Frustration!!!! BUT it's all over with. I've made up my mind to do this, now I just need to figure out the when and how.. Since I've been out of school so long I'm probably going to have to re take algebra and chemistry. So dumb, I'm going to do my best to talk them int letting me test out of it. It's just a waste of time. Then there is the fun part of trying to transfer really old credits :) Yay! I really feel like this is the right decision for our family though. Rylie is home for one more year with me. I'm going to take online classes during that year and then have to commute for my clinical rotations. What's motivating me is that I really want to finish what I started. Our children are getting older, and more expensive :) I don't even want to think about what our food bill will be like in a few years. Then there is braces, sports, driving...wrecking, and all the fun stuff that goes along with growing up. I keep waiting for some grand realization that I am in fact, headed in the right direction. I've had lots of neat experiences lately, but the one thing that I keep coming back to is that one line in my patriarchal blessing that says that through my continuing education, I will be able to help support my family. And there it is, black and white. So what took me so long? hehe.

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Becca said...

You go girl!! Hey - I tried to call you the other day just to say hey and catch up, but all the numbers I had were bad. Sup with that? Text or email me your cell number! Love ya! --Becca