Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have made a world record! I was able to get in and out of walmart and Costco in 1(one) hour. That is incredible. Did I mention I had three of the kids with me. The 3 youngest kids. What a stud I am...he he. So while on my little shopping adventure in Costco, I loaded all three of the kiddies into the cart and said
" Mommy is in a really big hurry so we're going to go super fast so sit down and behave..." Something along those lines anyway. While I was shopping and going way too fast down the isles at Costco, a older woman stopped right in front of our cart and was chatting with someone. Isaac yells " Out of the way, GRANDMA!" I could've died! Where does he get this stuff? So the lady turns around not too happy at all. What could I do? I just apologized and then I had a brilliant thought and that was to blame it all on the husband. So I said " you know, he gets this from his dad, I'm really sorry." Then she cracked a smile and things were good. I had a good laugh later, but Good GRIEF!


TheWorldAccordingTo Ashleigh said...

When in doubt, always blame it on the dad. It's just easier! Good job mama.

Kathy said...

That's hilarious. I didn't realize your kids were such a riot. I can't believe you got them all to sit in the cart. Jaydon would have refused and wanted just to run through the store with me. He would have complained too that we didn't try the samples.