Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend

So, Michael and I went on our first weekend getaway with no kids. This is the first time we've been away by ourselves since our honey moon. YIKES! That was almost 8 years ago. I made all of the arrangements because Michael's birthday is on July 28Th. I'll be away at girls camp and I was feeling a little guilty about missing it. Friday night I took him on a dinner boat that cruises around different monuments in D.C. We had a good dinner and we danced a little. We laughed at this woman who had a little too much to drink. She was dancing non stop even when there was no music. Her poor husband was pretty embarrassed. The more we watched her, the more it looked like she was doing the pee-pee dance that our kids do when they've really got to go. From there we went back to our Hotel which was really nice. We slept in until 10 am! I can't even tell you the last time I did that. From there we went to six flags. I have to tell you I'm not a fan! GHETTO! We did meet some nice folks. They were few and far between though. Michael and I had the bright idea to ride the bat wing roller coaster. Again, not my finest moment. I'd say that was definitely poor judgement on my part. This thing lays you flat on your back and then flips you over like you're flying. ...Let's just say I could hardly hold my head up after that one. I was probably a shade of green and I went looking for the closest trash can. Michael didn't look so hot either though. We left sick...went back to the hotel tried to get in the jacuzzi but we were too sick to stay in, went to bed. At 1am I woke up when some drunk couple was trying to get into our room and then she started yelling "Help, I need help." I ran to the peep hole to look out and see what was going on and they were crazy drunk and were off by two doors...I heard them for an hour and a half. NOT HAPPY! Michael and I woke up Sunday still feeling a little queasy. Over all, it was a good weekend. It was nice not to have to yell over anyone, to actually get to sit next to my husband and to not have any children sleeping between us. We both missed them all so much we could hardly take it! We were calling the girls (since they're younger) every few hours. :) Oh the life of a mommy. When I'm with them I'm yelling and when I'm not I'm worried sick! I wouldn't trade my kiddies for anything...not even a quiet weekend :)

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