Thursday, June 18, 2009

School's out! Should I be happy?

So, everyone who I talk to says " School's out, you must be so happy about that".......

Should I be happy about this? I am excited about the POSSIBILITY of getting to sleep past 7am. The likelihood of that actually happening is not great.

I have all 5 kiddos all day long. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. BUT what about having all of them inside in the event of inclement weather...rain, thunderstorms, possible tornadoes or just to stinking hot to be outside... That's when it all goes to POOP! They get bored and pretty soon that leads to being destructive and that leads to mom screaming and punishment :), then the cycle starts again and it's repeated ALL DAY LONG!

On a more positive note, Isaac got his shots yesterday so I've got another one headed to school in 67 days. Who's counting.??? He did really well and I'm proud of him. A few hours after his shots he tried to stand up and started laughing and he said he had old man legs. Then he explained to me that means like POP who walks a little slower sometimes cause his legs are old...where does he get this stuff?

Stevi is excited that she might get to turn 3 this summer. (AUG. 24th) I told her she's not allowed to turn 3 unless she's in big girl undies...and not peeing in those big girl undies. She's happy that when school's back in, it'll just be her and Rylie at home with mom.

Rylie is walking everywhere. It's so cute to see her go from room to room babbling like I know what she's saying. She's super independent, just like big sisters. She's not so good at the talking thing which is OK since she's only 11 months. She just squeals at me, or as the Dr. pointed out...she SCREECHES at me when she needs me or wants something.

Charly is doing well, I can't believe how tall she is. Her foot is officially the same size as Aunt Becca's...sorry becca. I can't keep her in pants or really anything for that matter because in a month or two she's out of them. It seems like the never ending growth spurt that I keep waiting for to end but never does, or hasn't in Oh, 6 years. She's excited to move on to 4th grade. And as mommy I get to brag a little. She got a perfect 600 on her Science SOL, I had to ask if she cheated...she didn't. She also got a 538 on Social Studies which is advanced...mother to a genius...haha :)

Ian just finished up another t-ball season. He did really well. I think he'll go far playing baseball. He seems to really enjoy it and he seems be really good at it. He had a wonderful coach so that makes it more fun. He finished up kindergarten and is excited to move on to first grade. He lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and got his first dollar from the tooth fairy (who is officially broke).

I'll keep you posted on further summer developments as they become available...hehe, we've got lots of fun things planned and for me, lots of work. I'm working on too many projects as it is and working on getting my old job back at Prince William hospital. Only a few days a month, I interview next week. YAY me.


Angie said...

Your kids are adorable Carrie! I can't believe Charly's going to be in 4th grade--WOW!! I hope you guys have a great summer and good luck with your job interview.

Nikki said...

Are you trying to scare me into not having more kids? :-) I also can't wait until school starts. I will also only have two at home (not that I have more than that now) :-)
Too bad you can't just throw the kids in the basement me if you need helo with that by the way. I don't know why you are doing it all yourself!
Love ya!

Becca F. said...

I love the update! It's always too long between visits. And I'm sure next time I see you guys that Charly's feet will be bigger than mine! That's a good thing!!! :)