Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday as I was stopped at a light on Rt. 3 headed home, I looked in my rear-view mirror to check on the kids. I had four of them with me in the van, just as I was checking them out (because they were all quiet at the same time..very VERY rare) I saw the lady behind me getting a little too close to my bumper and then I felt it. The van jerks forward. Not a jolt I guess but it moves and my foot is still on the brake. So there I am, van full of kids in the middle of Fredericksburg traffic just before 4pm. I can't get out of the van because it's too busy, I can't really get to the side of the road because we're surrounded on both sides by turn lanes. I thought the next best thing was to flip my turn signal on and drive into the Home Depot parking lot. Keep in mind I watched this lady in my mirror. I read her lips as she smacked my bumper. She knew she hit me. I guess because I didn't get out of the van screaming at her like a lunatic she thought it was better just to keep driving and pretend that it didn't happen! What planet are you from WOMAN! I did get her tag # and so I called it in but AAAAAAhhhhhhhh! I just wanted to kick her in the head! I guess now is a good time to mention that I'm not an angry person..:) There wasn't much damage done to the bumper. Just a little extra paint that's not the right color. I think I'm more angry than usual because I just had the dumb thing fixed from the other blond that hit me trying to park. Now I'm starting to side with my Dad who says that most women just can't drive :) Hope you all had a better day than I did.


Becca said...

Ahhhh! So sorry! I agree with BOTH our dads who say most women can't drive. It's unfortunately true. I can't even side with our sex here! BTW, what do you have against blondes? ;)

jamesandkista said...

Did they find her???