Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Lately I've noticed that life is so stinking busy! There is a road that is close to my house and it's full of wildlife. I'm always seeing deer, raccoons,turtles...you name it. I always stop to get the turtles out of the road and I drive them a little ways to a safer location and set them free. For the past few weeks I've been driving by those stranded turtles feeling guilty as I zoom past. Last week I did save two from a certain squishy death.

Yes I'm rambling about turtles but I was forced to re evaluate my life and where I'm headed...where I want to be headed, where I should be headed. And also where I'm dragging my children. What message am I sending when I don't have enough time to save a poor innocent turtle??? We have been busy but that's no excuse. I want my children to have memories of their mother stopping no matter what we have going on to help others. Not just the turtles, I really want them to know that I'm never too busy for that or for them. So in an effort to convey that message to my children, there are just some things that are gonna have to go. I've never been a fan of over scheduling myself or my family and why should I start now?

We are having a great summer. Well, back over spring break we traveled to Michigan to see Shane, Cami and their cute family. We've done a few day trips here and there, one to the beach...It was great. We drove down to Orlando for about 2 weeks and had a great time seeing family and enjoying the really HOT weather. We are still hoping to get down to NC to see Troy and Becca. I've had lots of fun projects and room rearranging :) to keep me busy.

Friday I'm headed to the temple with my family and Michael. This will be Matthews first time going in and I'm really excited for him. This is a huge step and I can't help but wonder what he's thinking. He'll be leaving for his mission on Sept. 7th. I'm really proud of him and I'm excited for him to learn and grow and to have those life changing experiences that will surely happen on his mission.

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