Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today I am grateful for people who listen to promptings, people who then act on those promptings.
I am grateful that my Heavenly Father knows when I need things even if I'm too hard-headed to see it. ..And I'm grateful that he uses each of us to meet the needs of others.

I had the sweetest experience today at church. A sister at church pulled me aside and told me that Heavenly Father wanted her to give me something..($50.00) Of course I argued with her and said "no he doesn't", she then said "Yes Sister Ford, he does." " I don't know why, I don't need to know why, but I know that he told me to do it and I'm doing it. I've learned not to argue with the Lord." What do you say to that? I tried to tell her that there are many other people that need that money more than I do and that things are OK with me, but she wouldn't change her mind.
I gave her a big hug and said thank you but even more than that one sisters generosity touched me is the simple fact that my Heavenly Father thought of me specifically, and let that sister know what to do. I still really don't know why, but I'm touched by her willingness to act on that prompting.

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