Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today Rylie and I headed to the gym...if you're reading this again, this is my attempt at a journal so I'm just for warning you that you'll probably just get bored reading about my day :)

So we headed to the gym and I dropped Ry off in the kids zone (which she loves) and I proceeded to run for about ten minutes. Just a warm up for my Pilates class. I really like the instructor, it's one of the reasons I go. Pilates probably wouldn't work for me everyday because sometimes I just want a down and dirty workout and to be dripping in sweat. I still get sweaty but it's a much slower muscle toning workout. You would think that by being slower paced that it would be easy but it is actually much harder for me to hold some of these positions. And teasers...oh how I hate them. It feels good to wake up sore in the morning:)

My Christmas tree is up..It has been since the 10th. It's all my husbands fault. He did this to me last year too. I was pretty angry with him the first time he set it up so early (while I was out). I kind of , (maybe) yelled (I'll have to verify that) at him (a very little). His response was that a month is not long enough to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I agree with him, so I haven't argued anymore about it. So the tree is up! The kids are excited. The neighbors think I'm crazy with the lights and everything but I've never cared about that before so I guess I shouldn't start now.

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