Friday, November 18, 2011


Why are some children more prone to being in trouble? Every child certainly gets into trouble now and then but there are some (Isaac Ford) that are content just staying there.

I feed my kids breakfast every morning right before they go to school and I pack their lunches and snacks because I think that school lunches are 1. crap and 2. too expensive.
So today I was logging on PASS to check and make sure the kid were keeping up with their work and to check test scores and I accidentally click on "lunch activity" or something like that.
That little sucker has been buying breakfast and lunch every morning...YUP, that did it. Poor kid had just come home too when I discovered it. He hid in the bathroom for a while but eventually had to come out. I did get a confession out of him by saying " You know Isaac, if you tell me the truth it will make things a lot easier and you won't get into as much trouble." So he denied it at first and then scary-angry mom came out to play and he copped to it. Why do kids take the bait when we say "if you tell the truth you won't be in as much trouble?" LIE like a dog...that's what I would do to stay out of trouble as a child. So I guess in the end, he is a better kid than I was.

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